Rob MalowanyWhat can I say? I have always loved radio. As a child, I remember listening to the hits of the day every morning before school on my small clock radio that my grand mother had got me as a gift. As I got older I started discovering late night shows that appealed more to my personal tastes. Shows like Brave New Waves on CBC changed the way I listened to music. Then as I started touring around playing music in bands I discovered Coast to Coast with Art Bell. In my life these two shows meant more to me than anything that popular culture had to offer. I guess the short story is that I have always had a tendency to seek out music and ideas on the fringe.

When it comes to music we all know that the internet changed the way we access new music but discovering that music is another story. Some of us still go down to the local pusher at the record store that has the good shit… and knows what I like. Others rely on popular culture or there is always that friend that has had his university radio program for twenty years that is pretty cool. When I really think about it though, it is my friends that have introduced me to almost all the music that I like. This makes sense as I do not know very many people who are not musicians. This got me thinking about how could I start sharing more music a with my friends.

As I have had a long time interest in performing and recording music I realized that I had acquired a bunch of gear. I currently live in a studio type space full of instruments and microphones. I thought to myself, why don’t I get people to come over to my place to create the best of both worlds. These worlds being radio and new music.

With technology and podcasting the idea of finally having my own pirate radio show became possible. That brings us to Satan’s Cabaret. This is a show that is based on the radio shows that I mentioned. A show that has an element of talk radio and new music that many people may not have heard about. Not that every show will be the same but that is basics.

Maybe you might start listening to this show when you get up in the morning…


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