Big John Bates Satan's Cabaret

Episode 54 – Big John Bates

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob sits down for a chat with John Bates and Brandy Bones. John and Brandy talk about how they came together as well as how the band has changed since moving on from the Voodoo Dolls era. So many great stories in this weeks show … Continue Reading →

Mike Kenney Satan's Cabaret

Episode 53 – Mike Kenney

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob sits down for a chat with Mike Kenney. Mike Kenney is one of Vancouver‘s hidden gems. An understated player that is amazing at playing/performing on piano, guitar, bass, just to name a few. It is easiest to track down Mike at a Modelos gig … Continue Reading →

David P Smith Devilsplender

Episode 52 – David P Smith

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob is excited to sit down for a chat with the amazing David P Smith. David P Smith is an artist in the true sense of the word, captivating audiences with his words, music, and vision. His artistry has many layers and if anything it … Continue Reading →

Tyson Naylor Satan's Cabaret

Episode 51 – Tyson Naylor

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob sits down for a conversation with Tyson Naylor. Tyson is Vancouver based pianist, keyboardist, composer who has his own project The Tyson Naylor Trio (TNT). Tyson can also be found supporting such amazing acts as Dan Mangan, Limbs of the Stars, or the Vancouver … Continue Reading →

Satan's Cabaret Rob Malowany Devilsplender

Episode 50 – Rob Malowany

This week on Satan’s Cabaret the roles are reversed. For this special show Stephen Lyons steps into the role as interviewer for a candid conversation with regular host, Rob Malowany. Rob discusses his process of making music, records, producing and many of his creative ventures including his thoughts on this … Continue Reading →

Francois Houle Satan's Cabaret

Episode 49 – Francois Houle

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob is honoured to sit down for a chat with Francois Houle. Francois is an accomplished clarinetist based out of Vancouver who has performed or collaborated with some of the greatest musicians nationally and on an international level. Francois discusses growing up in Quebec, his … Continue Reading →

Satan's Cabaret Jona Barr

Episode 48 – Jona Barr

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob sits down for a chat with singer/songwriter Jona Barr. Jona is a musician from the Yukon who has just embarked on a 4 month Canadian Tour in support of his latest effort for his project Old Cabin. Jona discusses his back ground growing up … Continue Reading →

Satan's Cabaret The Furniture

Episode 47 – The Furniture

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob interviews his first entire band. The Furniture are a group from Vancouver, Canada. Comprised of Aramis Starfish on bass, Lana Ryma on drums, and past Satan’s Cabaret guest Johnny Wildcat on guitar. The Furniture plays intoxicating melodies that get stuck in your head with … Continue Reading →

satans cabaret liam macdonald

Episode 46 – Liam MacDonald

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Liam MacDonald stops in for a chat with Rob. Liam is a drummer, percussionist, producer based out of Vancouver. Most know for his work with Terminal Station and Haram, Liam is a musician who’s musical boundaries seem to have no end. Liam discusses his passion … Continue Reading →

Satan's Cabaret Johnny Wildkat

Episode 45 – Johnny Wildkat

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob sits down for a chat with his good friend Johnny Wildkat. Johnny is one of premier sound men and mastering engineers that reside in Vancouver. A first call for many artists. If he is not behind the board he can often be found shredding … Continue Reading →

Shockk Mongoose Satan's Cabaret

Episode 44 – Shockk Mongoose

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob is ecstatic to sit down for a chat with the amazing Shockk Mongoose. Shockk is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist from East Van. Most notable for his work with the rock band Mongoose, Shockk has a storied background that has led him to play and … Continue Reading →

Jesse Zubot Satan's Cabaret

Episode 43 – Jesse Zubot

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob is pleased to sit down and have a chat with Jesse Zubot. Jesse is a multiple Juno Award winning and 3 time recipient of The Canadian National Jazz Award for violinist of the year. Jesse is the force behind the successful record label Drip … Continue Reading →

Stephen Lyons Satan's Cabaret

Episode 42 – Stephen Lyons

This week’s guest on Satan’s Cabaret is the exceptionally talented Stephen Lyons. Stephen is a proponent of the Vancouver Music scene on multiple levels and has been a guest host on Satan’s Cabaret a number times. This weeks show is a conversation that gets to the heart of the matter. … Continue Reading →

Gordon Grdina Satan's Cabaret

Episode 41 – Gordon Grdina

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob is honoured to have Gord Grdina as a guest. Gord is a heavy player in the Vancouver music scene and is the force behind an array of projects. Some of these projects include The Gord Grdina Trio, Haram, Sangha, East Van Strings, and Qalandar. … Continue Reading →

Skye Brooks Satan's Cabaret

Episode 40 – Skye Brooks

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob chats with the amazing Skye Brooks. Skye is a drummer, guitar player, songwriter from Vancouver. Skye has played with countless people and recorded with a large number of amazing projects. Some of these projects that he is a major contributor to include Fond of … Continue Reading →

Satan's Cabaret Rich Hope

Episode 39 – Rich Hope

This week Satan’s Cabaret is pleased to present an interview with Rich Hope. Rob and Rich discuss his career from his beginnings in Edmonton to becoming a corner stone in the Vancouver music community. Rich Hope is a powerful entertainer who has developed multiple acts such as Rich Hope & … Continue Reading →

Geoff Hicks Satan's Cabaret

Episode 38 – Geoff Hicks

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob sits down for a hang with his friend Geoff Hicks. Geoff is a first call drummer in Vancouver who has played with such notable artist such as Colin James, Jim Byrnes, Barney Bentall, and The Modelos just to name a few. Geoff talks about … Continue Reading →

Steven Lyons Satan's Cabaret

The Second Cabaret Recap and BBQ

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob and guest host Stephen Lyons have a long weekend BBQ listening party to review the last 18 episodes. This show features live performances and recorded music from the extraordinarily talented guests of Satan’s Cabaret since the new year. Featured on this show are: Paul … Continue Reading →

cassette merchant satan's cabaret

Episode 36 – Cassette Merchant

This week on Satan’s Cabaret the dynamic Vancouver duo Cassette Merchant. Adam and Stephen of Cassette Merchant stop by to chat about this current project, the origin of the band and the plans for the future. This show offers a very special insight into the progress of the band as … Continue Reading →

Pigby Satan's Cabaret

Episode 35 – Pigby

This week on Satan’s Cabaret the elusive Pigby! Rob was honoured that Paul Pigat and Paul Rigby, both previous guests on the show, excepted his invitation to stop by the Cabaret Studios to record some material from their mythical project know as Pigby. Mythical mostly in the fact that these … Continue Reading →

Ben Rogers Satan's Cabaret

Episode 34 – Ben Rogers

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob’s guest is the amazing force that is Ben Rogers. Ben is a singer, songwriter, painter, storyteller, with the power to captivate his audience. A mild mannered gentleman with a large baritone singing voice that stirs a beautifully haunting experience for the listener. Ben discusses … Continue Reading →

Kelly Haigh Satan's Cabaret

Episode 33 – Kelly Haigh

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob’s guest is the extraordinarily talented Kelly Haigh. Kelly is a Vancouver based singer, songwriter, artist, painter that has found a home in the local music community. After the release of her self produced record Country Western Star her talent became obvious to those who … Continue Reading →

Jeff Younger Satan's Cabaret

Episode 32 – Jeff Younger

This week on Satan’s Cabaret, Vancouver based musician Jeff Younger stops into chat with Rob. Jeff is an exceptional guitar player, songwriter, composer who is a fixture in the Vancouver music scene. Jeff can be found performing with countless projects but as he discusses in this show, the two leading … Continue Reading →

Stew Kirkwood Satan's Cabaret

Episode 31 – Stew Kirkwood

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob catches up with long time friend Stew Kirkwood. Stew is a considered by some as a musical genius. He is a multi-intrumentalist, killer guitar player, producer, engineer. Stew can be found most days at his studio located in Edmonton, Alberta, aptly named Sound Extractor. … Continue Reading →

Joe Rotundo Satan's Cabaret

Episode 30 – Joe Rotundo

This week on Satan’s Cabaret the amazing Joe Rotundo. Joe is a Vancouver based guitar slinger songwriter most known for his role in the band The Modelos and previous work with Bughouse 5. Joe and Rob talk things past as well as get into Joe’s writing process and discuss the … Continue Reading →

Scott Smith Satan's Cabaret

Episode 29 – Scott Smith

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Vancouver guitar slinger, song-writer, musician Scott Smith. Scott has a long history in Vancouver, playing with legendary bands such as Bughouse 5 or Rich Hope & The Blue Rangers, to being one of the most sought after guitar players in Western Canada. Scott talks about … Continue Reading →

Hunting Satan's Cabaret

Episode 28 – Hunting

Featured this week on Satan’s Cabaret is Vancouver band Hunting. The lovely couple of Bradley Ferguson and Jessica Yliruusi stopped by the studio to chat about the new self titled release for their super group Hunting. Brad and Jessica discuss in detail the making of the new record as well … Continue Reading →

Selina Martin Satan's Cabaret

Episode 27 – Selina Martin

This week Toronto based artist Selina Martin stops into Satan’s Cabaret for a chat. Selina is an extremely talented women who has a lot of arrows in her quiver. She is a songwriter, singer, musician, actor, and producer to name a few of her many talents. Selina talks to Rob … Continue Reading →

Sarah Wheeler Satan's Cabaret

Episode 26 – Sarah Wheeler

This week on Satan’s Cabaret local Vancouver Singer/Songwriter Sarah Wheeler stops in for a chat. Sarah is a singer that expresses amazing emotion with every song she sings. Rob had a great time chatting with Sarah about performing and popular culture. This show also features a couple live performances in … Continue Reading →

Corbin Murdoch Satan's Cabaret

Episode 25 – Corbin Murdoch

This week on Satan’s Cabaret local Vancouver singer/songwriter Corbin Murdoch stops in for a chat. Corbin discusses the inception of his band The Nautical Miles and the amazing process of writing his latest effort “Ode To Joy”. Corbin who seems to always be busy working on multiple projects shines a … Continue Reading →

Lightning Dust Satan's Cabaret

Episode 24 – Lightning Dust

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Josh Wells and Amber Webber of Lightning Dust stop by for a chat. This is a great conversation. It was fantastic to catch up with this lovely couple and find out what they have been up to, a little more about who they are and … Continue Reading →

Lee Hutzulak Satan's Cabaret

Episode 23 – Lee Hutzulak

Dixie’s Death Pool mastermind Lee Hutzulak stops by Satan’s Cabaret to chat with Rob. Lee is an artist/musician/producer that conceives music projects on a large scale. Lee discusses his process of creation and offers some insight into the background of his career. This show presents a couple sneak peak tracks … Continue Reading →

Jesse Gander Satan's Cabaret

Episode 22 – Jesse Gander

Jesse Gander stops by Cabaret Studio’s this week for a chat with Rob. Jesse is a Vancouver based Engineer, Producer, Musician with a career spanning more than twenty years in the music industry. He is currently running new Vancouver based studio Raincity Recorders. A storied career for a man merely … Continue Reading →

paul rigby

Episode 21 – Paul Rigby

This week Rob chats with Paul Rigby. Paul is a man of many hats, literally! An amazing guitar player who has a fascinating career that has taken him on many adventures. These adventures include performing and recording with artists like Garth Hudson, Neko Case, Jakob Dylan as well as projects … Continue Reading →

Tariq Hussain Satan's Cabaret

Episode 20 – Tariq Hussain

This week’s guest on Satan’s Cabaret is Tariq Hussain. Rob and Tariq discuss his journey as an artist that has led Tariq from pop star to radio personality to band member. There is much more that is revealed here plus all the in-betweens. Also featured on this week’s show are … Continue Reading →

Satan's Cabaret Paul Pigat

Episode 19 – Paul Pigat

Rob sits down with guitar player, songwriter, producer Paul Pigat. This exceptional conversation traces Paul’s journey from his roots in Toronto to the west coast of Canada to becoming considered one of the world’s best guitar players. This show features songs from Paul’s projects Cousin Harley, Boxcar Campfire and a … Continue Reading →

Satan's Cabaret Stephen Lyons

Episode 18 – The First Cabaret Recap Part 2

The second of a two part show featuring Rob and guest host Stephen Lyons discussing some on the artists that have been on Satan’s Cabaret. This show features musical performance outtakes and prerecorded songs from different artists. This week the Recap covers Julian Marrs of Man Your Horse, Daisy Blue … Continue Reading →

Satans Cabaret Stephen Lyons

Episode 17 – The First Cabaret Recap

The first of a two part show featuring Rob and guest host Stephen Lyons discussing some on the artists that have been on Satan’s Cabaret. This show features musical performance outtakes and prerecorded songs from different artists. This week the Recap covers Paper Beat Scissors, Selina Koop, Shyuler Jansen, Dave … Continue Reading →

Satans Cabaret D Trevlon

Episode 16 – D. Trevlon

This week on Satan’s Cabaret the mysterious D Trevlon stops by to reveal his true story. A signifigant fixture in the Vancouver music scene, D Trevlon is a man from many places and has a story to tell that offers some insight into his exceptional musical prowess. This runaway interview … Continue Reading →

Satan's Cabaret Julian Marrs

Episode 15 – Julian Marrs

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob breaks the model and explores something other than the usual singer/songwriter. Julian Marrs is a musician/inventor who plays in Vancouver band Man Your Horse. Man Your Horse is an amazing two piece that will blast you out of your socks. Rob and Julian also … Continue Reading →

Satans Cabaret Rick Maddocks

Episode 14 – Rick Maddocks

This week’s guest is Vancouver based singer/songwriter Rick Maddocks. Rick stops by to chat with Rob about his interesting career as a writer and musician. This show also features a very special performance from Rick’s current project Sun Belt. The band featuring Rick with musicians Paul Rigby, Jon Wood and … Continue Reading →

Steve Dawson Satans Cabaret

Episode 13 – Steve Dawson

This week on Satan’s Cabaret the multi-talented Steve Dawson stops in for a chat. Steve is a Juno Award winning artist that is at the forefront of recording/producing acoustic music in Canada. Steve talks about growing up in Vancouver, his musical journey, the formation of his label Black Hen, the … Continue Reading →

Daisy Blue Groff Satan's Cabaret

Episode 12 – Daisy Blue Groff

This week Satan’s Cabaret is pleased to present the amazing and talented Daisy Blue Groff. Daisy and Rob are old friends that sat down to catch up on all of Daisy’s wonderful exploits. There are a couple great live performances here. Sit back and enjoy some deep insight in to … Continue Reading →

Noah Walker Satan's Cabaret

Episode 11 – Noah Walker

This week on Satan’s Cabaret, Noah Walker from Vancouver based band The Broken Mirrors stops by to chat. Noah is a true musician. Music flows through him as if he is some sort of lighting rod. Noah sat on the sofa in the Cabaret Studio’s with guitar in hand and … Continue Reading →

Scott Rudd Satan's Cabaret

Episode 10 – Scott Rudd

Back towards the end of summer Scott Rudd was passing through Vancouver. The singer/songwriter/photographer from New York found a late evening to stop by and chat with Rob in the Studio. You get to know a little about Scott and his roots growing up in Australia, Canada, then finally in … Continue Reading →

Rodney Decroo Satan's Cabaret

Episode 9 – Rodney Decroo

Rodney Decroo stops into the Satan’s Cabaret studio to discuss a plethora of topics. An amazing story is spelled out here from Rodney’s humble beginnings in small town USA to living on a trap line in northern British Columbia Canada, to starting a life on his own on the streets … Continue Reading →

Shuyler Jansen Satan's Cabaret

Episode 8 – Shuyler Jansen

Shuyler Jansen stops by the Satan’s Cabaret studio for a conversation to catch up with Rob. This weeks interview covers Shuyler’s 20 year career and discusses in detail the multitude of exciting new projects that are in the works. This week also offers a couple great tunes from Shuyler, one … Continue Reading →

Selina Koop Satan's Cabaret

Episode 7 – Selina Koop

The lovely and talented Selina Koop stops by the cabaret studios to chat with Rob. Selina talks about growing up playing music and the evolution of her songwriting. The conversation delves into playing Tea Party covers as well as into learning how to skateboard. An entertaining show topped off with … Continue Reading →

Mike McDonald Jr Gone Wild Satan's Cabaret

Episode 6 – Mike McDonald

Rob conducts his first on location interview with the legendary Mike McDonald of Jr. Gone Wild fame while travelling through Edmonton. Mike talks about some of the history of his lengthy career and the reboot of the first Jr. Gone Wild recording – Less Art More Pop. Jr. Gone Wild’s … Continue Reading →

Dave Phillips David Newberry Satan's Cabaret

Episode 5 – The Daves I Know

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob talks with two Vancouver based singer/songwriters. Dave Phillips and David Newberry respectively. Both Daves were kind enough to stop by for a chat and a live performance. The Official Dave Phillips Website The Official David Newberry Website

José Miguel Contreras Satan's Cabaret

Episode 4 – Jose Miguel Contreras

Toronto based musician José Miguel Contreras stops in to visit Rob at Satan’s Cabaret. José was on tour through Vancouver with his band By Divine Right in support of their new record Organized Accidents. This is an epic of a show as Rob and José recall the last twenty years … Continue Reading →

Taylor Little Satans Cabaret

Episode 3 – Taylor Little

Rob’s very special guest this week is Vancouver Drumming Legend Taylor Little. Rob and Taylor discuss his history playing with the likes of The Payolas, Art Bergmann, and Bughouse Five. Plus, many stories surrounding The Who, Gang of Four, The Clash, The Ramones, and call out to Iggy Pop. Taylor … Continue Reading →

Robin James Hunter Satan's Cabaret

Episode 2 – Robin James Hunter

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob has a long conversation with fellow Edmonton ex-pat Robin James Hunter. The two discuss Robin’s lengthy career as well as the differences between being a front man verses a sideman. Included is a live performance by Robin and a couple tracks off his new … Continue Reading →

Paper Beat Scissors Satan's Cabaret

Episode 1 – Paper Beat Scissors

Rob sits down with Halifax musician Tim Crabtree from Paper Beat Scissors. Tim was touring through Vancouver supporting his current recording and found sometime to make it down to the Cabaret Studios. Rob and Tim have a long talk about the current status of Paper Beat Scissors as well as … Continue Reading →