Episode 22 – Jesse Gander

Jesse Gander Satan's Cabaret

Jesse Gander stops by Cabaret Studio’s this week for a chat with Rob. Jesse is a Vancouver based Engineer, Producer, Musician with a career spanning more than twenty years in the music industry. He is currently running new Vancouver based studio Raincity Recorders. A storied career for a man merely into his thirties. Jesse talks about his early decade long career in the punk band d.b.s. that started before the age of 12 years old to engineering/producing more than 400 records. Records that Jesse has worked on include some of Rob’s favourites such as The Ford Pier Vengeance Trio, Bison, Limbs of the Stars, Japandroids and many many more! This show offers an interesting talk about the current state of the music industry and features songs from Previous Tenants and Cloudsplitter.

Jesse Gander’s Website

Rain City Recorders

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