Episode 73 – Meredith Bates with Skye Brooks

Meredith Bates Satan's Cabaret

Meredith Bates is this weeks interview on Satan’s Cabaret. Meredith is a Juno Award winning musician with the band Pugs and Crows. A member of other projects such as Strength and Materials, Crowman, Gentle Party and Elkhorn. Meredith is an extremely talented violin player who is in high demand. Meredith and Rob discuss her extensive music studies as well as her passion for outside or creative music. Meredith brought by a couple unreleased songs to put in this weeks show. A tune from the upcoming Pugs and Crows double album and a song from the unreleased Crowman album. Amazing stuff! Also, off the top of this weeks show Skye Brooks stops in for a quick visit to discuss the release of his new record on Drip Audio, COPILOTSSunstroke – available everywhere on June 9th, 2015. An action packed show this week. Enjoy!


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