The Second Cabaret Recap and BBQ

Steven Lyons Satan's Cabaret

This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob and guest host Stephen Lyons have a long weekend BBQ listening party to review the last 18 episodes. This show features live performances and recorded music from the extraordinarily talented guests of Satan’s Cabaret since the new year. Featured on this show are: Paul Pigat, Tariq Hussain, Paul Rigby, Jesse Gander, Lee Hutzulak (Dixie’s Death Pool), Lightning Dust, Corbin Murdoch, Sarah Wheeler, Selina Martin, Hunting, Scott Smith, Joe Rotundo, Stew Kirkwood, Jeff Younger, Kelly Haigh, Ben Rogers, Cassette Merchant, Shuyler Jansen, and Limbs of the Stars. So much great music! One big show! Enjoy!

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